(A)   Statutory authority and provisions. This section and the provisions contained herein shall be applied, governed and given effect according and pursuant to the terms and provisions of IC 36-8-22 as now in force and as such Chapter of the Indiana Code hereafter may be amended. IC 36-8-22 is incorporated by reference and controls in the event that the statute and this section conflict.
   (B)   City Discussion Team. The discussion team for the purposes of IC 36-8-22 and this section to meet and confer with employee organizations shall consist of the Mayor, the President of the Common Council and the City Controller or the respective designee or designees of any or all such officials.
   (C)   Written agreements. If an understanding is reached between the discussion team and the exclusive recognized representative of the Fire Department or the Police Department employees, the parties shall execute a written agreement incorporating the terms of their understanding. All such agreements must include procedures for presenting and resolving questions arising under the particular agreement. If the parties are unable to reach a written agreement, the City of Lawrence may terminate its duty to meet and confer pursuant to IC 36-8-22-13. Any written agreement executed by the parties may not exceed 48 months. Any written agreement hereunder shall be subject to approval and appropriation by the Common Council.
   (D)   Striking prohibited. Pursuant to IC 36-8-22-15 Police and/or Fire Department employees and their representative bodies are prohibited from participating in or encouraging a strike against the City.
(Ord. 7, 2008, passed 7-7-2008)