In addition to the duties prescribed by § 4-1-1-4, every licensee under this chapter shall:
   (A)   Operate properly. Avoid rude, insolent, hostile and argumentative conduct or any conduct, practice or condition which negatively affects the public health, morals or welfare.  Where any individual has declined the good or service offered by the licensee or expressly requested that licensee should leave the property, licensee shall refrain from approaching the person again in any manner or from any further offering of the goods or services for sale to the person or household; and
   (B)   Display of license.  Every licensee under this chapter shall keep the license issued:
      (1)   Taped in the front window on the driver's side of the vehicle, for sales from vehicles; and
      (2)   Posted in a conspicuous place within the licensed premises, for fixed location sales; and
      (3)   Visibly displayed on the person, for door to door peddler activities.
   (C)   Operate only during daylight hours.  For the safety of all persons, door to door activities, including but not limited to peddlers and canvassers, may only be conducted during daylight hours.
(Am. Ord. 4, 2011, passed 5-2-2011; Am. Ord. 10, 2015, passed 8-3-2015)  Penalty, see § 1-1-2-3