§ 3-3-8-7.  EXEMPTIONS.
   The provisions of this chapter are not applicable to:
   (A)   Fire alarm systems.
   (B)   Audible alarms affixed to motor vehicle, watercraft, or aircraft.
   (C)   Proprietary alarm systems, as defined herein.
   (D)   Independent, stand-alone alarm systems installed or placed by or at the direction of the City Police Department for law enforcement purposes.
   (E)   Alarm or alarm signals caused by the testing, repair or malfunction of telephone equipment lines or electrical utility equipment.
   (F)   Personal emergency response alarms or medical alert alarms worn or carried on the person’s body for the purpose of summoning assistance in a panic situation or medical emergency.
(Ord. 4, 2016, passed 3-7-2016)  Penalty, see § 3-3-8-15