§ 3-3-5-5.  FEES AND CHARGES.
   (A)   The following fees are hereby authorized by the Common Council for the removal, storage and related services pertaining to vehicles:
      (1)   Standard Towing -$ 130 per vehicle;
      (2)   Accident Towing - $ 120 per vehicle;
      (3)   Accident Clean Up Fee - Minimum of $35 (when applicable);
      (4)   Winch Fee - $75 minimum;
      (5)   State Required Notification Fee - $ 85 (certified letters and administrative duties); and
      (6)   Daily Storage - $ 30 outside and $ 40 inside (when required).
   (B)   The charges shall be paid by the owner of the vehicle if the owner reclaims the vehicle within 15 days.  Alternatively, the charges shall be paid from the proceeds when the vehicle is sold at public auction.  In any event, the towing service shall be entitled to receive a total of the tow-in charge plus the accumulated storage charges, not to exceed the value of the vehicle at auction.  In no way shall the City of Lawrence or the towing service be liable to anyone for the removal of the vehicle beyond the actual value of that vehicle at auction. The towing service shall prepare and maintain invoices and receipts evidencing the fees and charges paid and received for its services. Copies of such invoices and receipts shall be provided at least monthly to the City Controller.
(Am. Ord. 14, 2009, passed 4-6-2009; Am. Ord. 29, 2010, passed 4-20-2011; Am. Ord. 2, 2019, passed 3-4-2019)