(A)   The penalty for violation of § 3-3-4-2, § 3-3-4-3, § 3-3-4-4, § 3-3-4-5 and § 3-3-4-6 shall be not more than $500 for the first offense, or for each offense in the first continuous series of offenses, and a fine of not more than $2,500 for any second or subsequent offense or for each offense in any second or subsequent continuous series of offenses. Each violation shall constitute a separate offense and each day that a violation continues, after notice of the violation is given to the responsible party, shall constitute a separate offense. In addition, for violation of § 3-3-4-6, the City Controller shall issue a written notice of the violation to the landowner of the private property, allowing the landowner 15 days from receipt of the notice to remove the litter. Landowners shall not be fined under this section for litter in the public rights-of-way.
   (B)   The notice to the landowner of private property shall be served by a law enforcement officer of the City of Lawrence upon the landowner if he or she is a resident of the city or by certified mail addressed to his or her last known address if he or she is a non-resident.
(Am. Ord. 19, 2009, passed 5-4-2009; Am. Ord. 6, 2018, passed 8-6-2018)