(A)   The Animal Control Officer is hereby authorized to acquire and maintain live traps for the purpose of the unharmed capture of wild animals in an emergency situation and domestic animals running at large within the City.
   (B)   The traps shall be constructed so as to allow for the capture of wild and domestic animals without injuring or otherwise harming the animal.
   (C)   The setting of live traps is generally prohibited during the months of December, January and February when weather conditions may make trapping an animal inhumane. During these months, any resident or animal removal company which intends to capture a domestic or wild animal by means of a trap must contact Animal Control prior to setting any such trap.
   (D)   If a resident of the City of Lawrence has captured a domestic animal on the resident’s property, Animal Control will pick up the domestic animal upon the resident’s request. If a resident has captured a wild animal, Animal Control will not pick up the animal, and the resident must contact a private wildlife removal company instead.
   (E)   A resident who has trapped a domestic animal must notify Animal Control within 12 hours of trapping an animal in order to prevent the caging of an animal that is deprived of food or water or exposed to the elements for an extended period of time.
(Am. Ord. 5, 2011, passed 5-2-2011)  Penalty, see § 3-3-1-27