(A)   Policy declaration.  It is the policy of the City of Lawrence that cats, dogs and any and all domestic animals which are impounded and held by the City of Lawrence in the municipal animal shelter or otherwise, if they are not returned to their previous owner or owners, and if reasonably possible in and according to the absolute discretion of the humane officer, should be adopted, sold or given to suitable persons rather than destroyed.
   (B)   Forms and procedures.  The Humane Officer, with and subject to the approval of the Chief of Police and Board of Public Works and Safety, shall prescribe and provide forms and determine and outline specific and detailed procedures for the accomplishment and documentation of the sale and adoption process as authorized and established by this section.
   (C)   If an animal is sold, the cost shall include the daily maintenance fee provided by § 3-3-1-28; provided, however, that the Humane Officer or Animal Control Officer, in his or her discretion, may waive all or any portion of the fee when the animal is sold.  The fees provided by § 3-3-1-28 and to be paid pursuant to § 3-3-1-7 of the municipal code of the City of Lawrence shall be collected and paid, if reasonably possible, but the Humane Officer or Animal Control Officer shall have authority and discretion as provided by this section to waive all or any portion of such fees.
   (D)   When a wild animal is trapped and turned over to the Animal Control Officer, as soon as is practicable it shall be returned to the wild, except that any wild animal that is sick or injured shall be destroyed by the Animal Control Officer, provided that all reasonable means shall be employed to save and preserve any wild animal that is declared by state or federal law to be a protected or endangered species.
(Am. Ord. 12, 2008, passed 8-4-2008)