(A)   Any dog, cat or domestic farm animal found running at large within the corporate limits of the City shall be impounded by any police officer or other person so authorized by the Common Council.
   (B)   The owner or keeper of the impounded animal shall, in order to reclaim the animal, pay the fees and charges as shall be established by the Common Council in addition to any penalties imposed for violation of any provision of this chapter.
   (C)   The owner or keeper of the impounded animal, if determinable from records of the City of Lawrence, a rabies vaccination tag or an owner’s tag, shall be notified in writing by notice mailed or delivered to the person within 24 hours after seizure of the animal.  The notice shall provide:
      (1)   The reason for seizure of the animal;
      (2)   The approximate date and time of seizure;
      (3)   The location of the animal shelter;
      (4)   The amount of any fees, charges and fines payable by the owner or keeper, including unpaid license fees; and
      (5)   The date when the animal will be destroyed if it is not claimed.
(Am. Ord. 5, 2011, passed 5-2-2011)