(A)   The following schedule of fines is hereby established and shall be imposed for offenses which constitute a violation of any Lawrence ordinance.
      (1)   Speeding violations.
         (a)   1 - 25 mph over City speed limit - $75; and
         (b)   26 mph and over City speed limit - $150;
      (2)   Other moving violations.  All other moving violations - $75.
      (3)   Non-moving violations.
         (a)   Equipment violations; commercial vehicles - $100;
         (b)   Equipment violations; private vehicles - $75;
         (c)   Noise violations - $75; and
         (d)   Improper parking, stopping or standing - $50.
      (4)   Other traffic related violations.
         (a)   Bicycle violations - $50; and
         (b)   Pedestrian violations - $20.
      (5)   Other code violations.  Violation of any other provision of this code shall be penalized at the rate set for the violation by the relevant chapter of this code.  If no specific penalty is provided therein, the penalties provided in §1-1-2-3 of this code, the general penalty clause, shall apply.
   (B)   The above prescribed penalties do not include any administrative reporting costs, court costs or prosecution fees which are required by state law to be added thereto as the same are determined from time to time by law.
(Am. Ord. 14, 2009, passed 4-6-2009)