(A)   In addition to the disciplinary powers of the Commission, the Chief of the Department may, without a hearing, reprimand or suspend without pay a member or any EMT for a maximum of two 24-hour shifts. The Chief of the Department may suspend without pay a police radio or signal alarm operator or a fire alarm operator, for a maximum of five working days.  For the purposes of this division (A), eight hours of paid time constitutes one working day.
   (B)   If the Chief reprimands a member in writing or suspends a member, he or she shall, within 48 hours, notify the Commission in writing of the action and the reasons for the action. A member who is reprimanded in writing or suspended under this section may, within 48 hours after receiving notice of the reprimand or suspension, request in writing that the Commission review the reprimand or suspension and either uphold or reverse the Chief's decision. At its discretion, the Commission may hold a hearing during this review. If the Commission holds a hearing, written notice must be given either by service upon the member in person or by a copy left at the member's last and usual place of residence at least 14 days before the date set for the hearing. The notice must contain the information listed under § 3-1-3.5-9(D). If the decision is reversed, the individual who was suspended is entitled to any wages withheld as a result of the suspension.
(Ord. 12, 2018, passed 10-1-2018)