§ 3-1-3.5-5.  PROMOTIONS.
   (A)   The Commission shall use factors as determined and approved by the Commission and in accordance with Indiana law. The Commission shall determine the weight to be given to each of the factors.
   (B)   Promotions to a rank must be from the next lower rank. In addition, the member being promoted must have served at the lower rank for a period determined by the Commission.
   (C)   Only members who are qualified in rank and length of service may be given the competitive examinations and placed on an eligibility list. The eligibility list for a position consists of members who have been placed on the list in order of their cumulative score on all rating factors. The eligibility list shall be maintained for two years from the date of certification, after which time the list shall be retired and a new list established. The retired list shall be kept for five years and then destroyed.
   (D)   The promotion eligibility list, if any, in effect at the time of the adoption of this chapter shall remain in effect according to its terms and until its expiration as established.
   (E)   All merit ranks held by members of the Department at the time of the adoption of this chapter shall continue and remain in effect.
(Ord. 12, 2018, passed 10-1-2018)