(A)   In order to establish a means for the Lawrence Police Department to allow other agencies and entities to use the Lawrence Police Department’s indoor firearms training facility and collect the fees to cover operating and personnel costs for the facility’s use, agencies shall be required to sign usage contracts along with individual liability waivers and indemnification assurance.
   (B)   Agencies shall be charged per hour for use of the facility, either the range or training room, with a minimum charge applying.  If the agency requests to utilize a Lawrence Police Department Instructor, additional charges will apply.
   (C)   Rates for the use of the facility during normal operational hours shall be as follows:
      (1)   Fees:
Minimum usage fee:
Per hour charge:
Instructor fee per hour:
Ammunition re-stocking fee:
$2 per box
Cancellation fee, less than 72 hours notice:
Instructor fee, non-normal operational hours:
      (2)   Only approved, environmentally safe ammunition shall be allowed at the facility.  The Department shall be reimbursed for any Lawrence Police Department ammunition used by agencies using the facility.  The Lawrence Police Department Range Master will determine the market price of such ammunition and add the above re-stocking fee.  At the discretion of the Chief of Police, fees may be waived for cause.
   (D)    Fees collected shall be deposited in the Department’s Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund.
(Ord. 11, 2005, passed 7-5-2005)