(A)   Any building trades contractor who holds any type of valid contractor’s license issued by Marion County may obtain a license to practice the trade within the City of Lawrence.
   (B)   The license, if issued, shall entitle the contractor to be included on the registry of listed contractors maintained by the Building Commissioner without payment of the listing permit fee imposed by this chapter.
   (C)   A person, partnership or corporation shall be entitled to receive a City of Lawrence license as a building trades contractor, either initially or by renewal of a license, if the contractor:
      (1)   Meets the licensing requirements of Marion County for the building trade license;
      (2)   Presently holds a valid Marion County license for the building trade;
      (3)   Properly files the listing/licensing application required by § 2-1-4-3 of this chapter and otherwise meets the requirements of that section;
      (4)   Fulfills the bonding and insurance requirements of this chapter;
      (5)   Has paid the licensing fee prescribed in § 2-1-4-9 of this chapter; and
      (6)   If the person, partnership or corporation has its principal office and place of business outside the State of Indiana, a current, complete, valid and certified copy of its Articles of Partnership, Article of Incorporation or other document of business organization and existence.
(Am. Ord. 3, 2011, passed 6-6-2011)