§ 2-1-1-25.  STOP-WORK ORDER.
   (A)   The Building Commissioner and his or her subordinates shall have the power to order all work stopped on any construction, alteration, repair, installation, removal or demolition of buildings in the City if the work is being done in violation of any provision of this Building Code, any statute or ordinance relating thereto, or the zoning ordinances of Marion County as adopted by the Metropolitan Development Commission.
   (B)   The Building Commissioner and his or her subordinates may order the work to be stopped by notice in writing served on any persons engaged in doing or causing the work to be done, and the persons so notified shall forthwith stop the work.
   (C)   Work shall not be resumed after the issuance of the stop-work order except on the written permission of the Building Commissioner.
   (D)   Additional inspections required as a result of any stop-work order shall be separately charged to the contractor in violation and the charges paid to the City Controller prior to the issuance of the certificate of occupancy for the building or structure.