§ 3-3-13-1.  DEFINITIONS.
   As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section:
   ABATE or ABATEMENT. The removal or complete covering of graffiti.
   AEROSOL PAINT. Any color or pigment adapted or made for the purpose of being applied or sprayed to the surface of an object.
   AUTHORIZED INDIVIDUAL. A designee of the Director of the Department of Public Works.
   BROAD-TIPPED MARKER. Any felt tip indelible marker or similar implement with a flat or angled writing surface that, at its broadest width, is greater than one-fourth of an inch, containing ink or other pigmented liquid, that is not water soluble.
   DEPARTMENT. The Department of Public Works or its designee.
   ETCHING EQUIPMENT. Any tool, device, or substance than can be used to make permanent marks on any natural or man-made surface. It shall not mean any key, silverware, gardening tool, or pocketknife.
   GRAFFITI. Any unauthorized inscription, word, figure, design, painting, writing, drawing or carving that is written, marked, etched, scratched, sprayed, drawn, painted, or engraved on or otherwise affixed on a component of any building, structure, or other facility by any graffiti implement, visible from any public property, the public right-of-way, or from any private property other than the property on which it exists. There shall be a rebuttable presumption that such inscription, word, figure, painting, or other defacement is unauthorized. This chapter does not apply to easily removable
   GRAFFITI IMPLEMENTS. Materials used or intended to be used to facilitate the placement of graffiti, including but not limited to, aerosol paint containers, broad-tipped markers, gum labels, paint sticks, graffiti sticks, engraving devices or creams, etching equipment, brushes, chemicals or any other implement capable of scarring or leaving a visible mark on any natural or manmade surface.
   MANAGER. Any person, not the record owner, who has possession and control of the property or who has the right to possession and control of the property. The term does not include a tenant or sub-tenant who merely occupies the property.
   OWNER. The record owner or owners as reflected by the most current records in the county assessor's office.
   PAINT STICK or GRAFFITI STICK. A device containing a solid form of paint, wax, epoxy, or other similar substance capable of being applied to a surface by pressure, that is not water soluble, and upon application, leaving a mark at least one-sixteenth of an inch in width.
   PERSON. Any individual, partnership, cooperative association, private corporation, personal representative, receiver, trustee, assignee, or any other legal entity.
   RECIPIENT. The owner or manager to whom notice of violation has been directed.
(Ord. 4, 2018, passed 8-6-2018)