(A)   The HVAC Inspector or his or her authorized assistants shall inspect each and every job involving heating, ventilating and air conditioning work done in any public or private building within the City of Lawrence.  If the work fully complies with the provisions of City ordinances and the laws of the State of Indiana governing the work, he or she shall approve the same; otherwise he or she shall require the work to be altered so as to comply with the above named provisions or have so much thereof torn out as does not comply.
   (B)   All new building construction requiring heating, ventilation or air conditioning service shall be required to have a minimum of one inspection:  the final inspection (prior to occupancy).
   (C)   The HVAC Inspector, when notified that any heating, ventilating or air conditioning work is or will be ready for inspection, shall examine the same and approve or reject all the work or parts thereof within two days from the time of the notification.  All work shall be left uncovered for examination until the inspection is made.
   (D)   It shall be the duty of the heating, ventilating or air conditioning technician in charge to notify the HVAC Inspector and also the owner, or his or her authorized agent, verbally or in writing, within two days of the time work will be ready for inspection.  It shall be the duty of the technician in charge to see that the work will stand the inspection prescribed before giving the above required notification.
   (E)   If the HVAC Inspector finds that the work will not stand inspection, the technician in charge shall be required to renotify the HVAC Inspector as required above when ready for reinspection and to pay the sum of $25 for each reinspection.