A.   Construction Standards: In addition to standards provided in other sections of this title for specific types of approval, the following standards shall be applied to all applications for construction:
      1.   Lighting: All developments shall provide adequate lighting so as to assure safety and security. Lighting installations shall not have an adverse impact on traffic safety or on the surrounding area. Light sources shall be shielded, and shall not shine onto adjacent properties. All lighting shall be in accordance with city specifications and the night sky regulations.
      2.   Stormwater Drainage: Provisions for storm surface drainage shall be in accordance with the design standards of the public works department indicating location, size, types and grades of sewers, drainage structures, ditches, and connection to existing drainage system. Disposition of storm or natural waters both on and off the site shall be provided in such a manner as not to have a detrimental effect on the property of others or the public right of way.
      3.   Utilities: Provision of hookups to public utilities shall be the responsibility of the applicant and connections shall be installed in accordance with the standards of the public utilities.
      4.   Public Safety: The Washington County solid waste department and Washington County health department shall be invited to review all site plans for treatment of bulk trash disposal and health requirements pertaining to the project. The police department and the fire department shall review all site plans to determine adequacy of access and other aspects of public safety.
   B.   Time Limit: Once formal application has been made and approved plats, site plans, landscape plans and other applicable construction plans have been filed with the city, use of the land shall commence within twelve (12) months from the date of approval, or the approval shall be considered void. Upon request, revalidation of the site plan may be granted for an additional twelve (12) months if all factors of the original site plan review are the same. The written notice requesting revalidation shall be received by the zoning administrator prior to expiration of the original twelve (12) month period.
   C.   Stop Work Order: A stop work order may be put on any project if improvements required are not consistent with the approved site plan, landscape plan or other applicable construction plans.
   D.   Maintenance Guarantee: When any improvement is to be accepted for dedication, maintenance or operation by the city, the applicant shall be required to provide financial security acceptable to the city attorney in the amount of twenty five percent (25%) of the total construction costs of the project to cover the costs of any defects which may occur in such improvements within one year after the date of acceptance by the city. Such financial security shall be held and released as outlined in section 11-3-5 of this code. (Ord. 2007-16, 4-4-2007)