A.   Purpose: The intent of conceptual review is to promote the safe and efficient use of land, to contribute to an orderly and harmonious appearance in the city and to further enhance the value of property. This process is intended to supplement the review and administrative procedures which are carried out under this title or other city ordinances and regulations. The conceptual review process is intended to help ensure that newly developed properties and redeveloped properties are compatible with adjacent development and that traffic, public safety, overcrowding, and environmental problems are minimized to the greatest extent possible. More specifically, the purpose of the conceptual review process is to provide for a review of:
      1.   A project's compatibility with its environment and with other land uses and buildings existing in the surrounding area;
      2.   The quantity, quality, utility, size and type of a project's required open space and proposed landscaping improvements;
      3.   The ability of a project's traffic circulation system to provide for the convenient and safe internal and external movement of vehicles and pedestrians;
      4.   The quantity, quality, utility and type of a project's required community facilities; and
      5.   The location and adequacy of a project's provision for drainage and utilities. (Ord. 2007-16, 4-4-2007)
   B.   Conceptual Development Review: Before filing a formal application for any condominium project or CPUD, whether new or conversion, the developer shall meet with the development staff regarding the general proposal. Such action does not require application fees, or filing of a site plan or landscape plan and is not to be construed as an application for formal approval. No representation made by the zoning administrator, the development staff or other city departments during such conference shall be binding upon the city with respect to an application subsequently submitted. (Ord. 2011-05, 4-20-2011)