A.   Each application required by this title shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee and shall also include the required maps, plans and drawings related to the permit or use applied for that support the request.
   B.   For each land use application, the city shall:
      1.   Notify the applicant of the date, time, and place of each public hearing and public meeting to consider the application;
      2.   Provide to each applicant a copy of each staff report regarding the applicant or the pending application at least three (3) business days before the public hearing or public meeting; and
      3.   Notify the applicant of any final action on a pending application.
If the city fails to comply with the requirements of subsections B1 and/or B2 of this section, an applicant may waive the failure so that the application may stay on the public hearing or public meeting agenda and be considered as if the requirements had been met. (Ord. 2007-25, 10-3-2007)