A.   Required: No person shall erect, construct, reconstruct or alter any building or other structure without having first having applied for and obtained a building permit from the building inspector. Detached accessory buildings having floor space less than one hundred twenty (120) square feet are exempt from this regulation. An application for a building permit shall be on a form provided by the city, and shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee and detailed drawings showing the intended improvements. No building or structure shall be erected nor modified so as to be in violation of this title. In addition to all other requirements necessary to obtain a building permit, the building permit applicant shall provide proof to the building inspector that the parcel of property upon which the building is to be erected has access to a dedicated city street, is within two hundred fifty feet (250') of a fire hydrant and complies with all requirements with respect to the zone in which the parcel of property is located. Violation of this section is punishable as a class B misdemeanor, in addition to any other civil penalties provided by the applicable building related code(s).
   B.   Improvements: In addition, unless the applicant is a subdivider who has a current bond which has not yet been released and is currently being held in escrow for the full cost of subdivision improvements, the building permit applicant shall provide for the improvement of the abutting street according to the specifications and procedures set forth in the subdivision title of this code, in one of the following methods:
      1.   Upon application to the city and upon express written approval by the city, install all necessary improvements as required by and in accordance with the provisions of the subdivision title of this code, upon completion of which the applicant shall deposit cash or post a one year bond approved by the city in the amount of twenty five percent (25%) of the cost of the improvements, to cover possible latent defects, which twenty five percent (25%) amount shall be administered and released as described in section 11-3-5 of the subdivision ordinance of this code; or
      2.   Deposit funds with the city, in an amount to be determined by the city, using the then current cost to construct and install such improvements as would be required under this section. In the event this option is chosen by the building permit applicant, the city shall hold said funds at its discretion until such time as it deems necessary to improve the street, at which time said improvements shall be so used without further liability on the part of the applicant. (Ord. 2007-25, 10-3-2007)