A.   International Wildland-Urban Interface Code: The City hereby adopts the 2015 edition of the International Wildland-Urban Interface Code, but (unless otherwise specified herein) not including the appendices thereto, as published by the International Code Council, as the Wildland-Urban Interface Code for LaVerkin City, regulating and governing the mitigation of hazard to life and property from the intrusion of fire from wildland exposures, fire from adjacent structures, and prevention of structure fires from spreading to wildland fuels within and surrounding the jurisdictional boundaries of LaVerkin City; and providing for the issuance of permits and collection of fees therefor.
   B.   Revisions: The following sections are hereby revised:
      1.   Section 101.1. Insert "LaVerkin City".
      2.   Section 103.1. Insert "LaVerkin City".
      3.   Section 109.4.7. Insert "LaVerkin City".
      4.   Delete section 114.4.
   C.   Specific Boundaries Of Areas: Specific boundaries of natural or manmade features of wildland-urban interface areas shall be as shown on the wildland-urban interface area as depicted on any wildland-urban interface map or maps adopted pursuant to chapter 3 of said code. (Ord. 2019-07, 8-7-2019)