A.   Unlawful: It shall be unlawful for the owner or person having charge, care, custody or control of any dog to allow such dog to attack, chase or worry any person, domestic animal or any species of hoofed, protected wildlife, or to attack domestic fowl.
   B.   Owner Liability: The owner in violation of subsection A of this section shall be strictly liable for violation of this section. In addition to being subject to prosecution under subsection A of this section, the owner of such dog shall also be liable for damages to any person injured or to the owner of any animal injured or destroyed thereby.
   C.   Defenses: The following shall be considered in mitigating the penalties or damages, or in dismissing the charge:
      1.   That the dog was properly confined on the premises.
      2.   That the dog was deliberately or maliciously provoked.
   D.   Dog May Be Killed: Any public safety officer person may kill a dog while it is committing any of the acts specified in subsection A of this section or while such dog is being pursued thereafter, pursuant to Utah Code Annotated section 18-1-3.
   E.   Destruction Of Animal: Upon trial of any offense under this section, or upon failure to appear after citation, the court may, after attempting to notify the animal's owner, order the animal control officer or other authorized person of the city, to destroy the animal, or may order such other disposition of the animal, as will protect the inhabitants and animals of the city. (Ord. 99-09, 9-1-1999)