A.   Subjected Animals: The animal control officer shall place all animals which are taken into custody in a designated animal impound facility. The following animals may be impounded and taken into custody by the animal control officer without the filing of a complaint:
      1.   Any animal being kept or maintained contrary to the provisions of this chapter.
      2.   Any animal running at large contrary to the provisions of this chapter.
      3.   Any animal which is by this chapter required to be licensed and is not licensed; any animal not wearing a tag shall be presumed to be unlicensed for purposes of this section.
      4.   Any sick or injured animal whose owner cannot be located.
      5.   Any abandoned animal.
      6.   Animals which are not vaccinated for rabies in accordance with the requirements of this chapter.
      7.   Any animal to be held for quarantine.
      8.   Any vicious animal not properly confined.
      9.   Any animal not having proof of rabies which bites a person shall be impounded and quarantined for a period of not less than ten (10) days.
   B.   Disposition Of Animals:
      1.   Animals shall be impounded for a minimum of seventy two (72) hours, excluding weekends and holidays, before further disposition, except as otherwise provided herein. Reasonable effort shall be made to notify the owner of any animal wearing a license or other identification during that time. Notice shall be deemed given when sent to the last known address of the listed owner. Any animal voluntarily relinquished to the animal control facility by the owner thereof for destruction or other disposition need not be kept for the minimum holding period before release or other disposition as herein provided.
      2.   All animals, except for those quarantined or confined by court order, held longer than the minimum impound period and all animals voluntarily relinquished to the impound facility may be destroyed or sold as the animal control officer shall direct. Any healthy animal may be sold to any persons desiring to purchase such animal for a price to be determined by the animal control officer, plus license and rabies vaccination if required.
      3.   Any licensed or unlicensed animal impounded and having or suspected of having serious physical injury or contagious disease requiring medical attention may, at the discretion of the animal control officer, be released to the care of a veterinarian with owner consent or, in the event the owner is not known because of no tags or licenses, be destroyed.
      4.   When, in the judgment of the animal control officer, it is determined that an animal should be destroyed for humane reasons or to protect the public from imminent danger to persons or property, such animal may be destroyed without court order and without permission of the owner.
   C.   Redemption:
      1.   The owner of any impounded animal or their authorized representative may redeem such animal before disposition, provided they pay:
         a.   The impound fees.
         b.   The daily board charge.
         c.   The veterinary costs incurred during the impound period, including rabies vaccination.
         d.   License fees, if required.
      2.   No impound fee will be charged to the reporting owners of suspected rabid animals.
   D.   Records Maintained: The impounding facility shall keep a record of each animal impounded and permanent impound records, which include the following information:
      1.   Complete description of the animal, including tag numbers.
      2.   The manner and date of impound.
      3.   The location of pick up and name of person picking up the animal.
      4.   The manner and date of disposal.
      5.   The name and address of the redeemer or purchaser.
      6.   The name and address of any person relinquishing an animal to the impound facility.
      7.   All fees received.
      8.   All expenses accruing during impoundment. (Ord. 99-09, 9-1-1999)