A.   Powers:
      1.   Enforce Chapter: The animal control officer or any person employed by the city as an animal control officer shall take the oath of office and shall be vested with the power and authority to enforce this chapter.
      2.   Apprehend And Impound: The animal control officer is authorized and empowered to apprehend and impound any animal found in violation of this chapter and including licensable dogs for which no license has been procured in accordance with this chapter, or any licensed or unlicensed dogs or animals for any other violation thereof.
      3.   Enter Onto Premises: In the enforcement of this chapter, any peace officer and/or animal control officer is authorized to enter onto open premises, excluding dwellings, of any person, to take possession of any dog in violation of this chapter. Any peace officer, animal control officer and/or official from the Humane Society, when in the company of a peace officer or animal control officer, when there is probable cause, may enter onto open premises to investigate any violation of this chapter.
      4.   Issue Citations: A peace officer or the animal control officer is empowered to issue citations in regard to acts in violation of this chapter.
   B.   Duties:
      1.   Any peace officer or animal control officer shall:
         a.   Enforce this chapter and perform other responsibilities pursuant thereto;
         b.   Supervise the city animal shelter under their jurisdiction;
         c.   Keep adequate records of all animals impounded and all monies collected;
         d.   See that all animals and animal holding facilities in their jurisdiction are licensed, controlled and permitted in accordance with any applicable ordinance and/or regulations.
      2.   Animal control officers shall:
         a.   Enforce this chapter in all respects pertaining to animal control within the jurisdiction, including the care and impounding of animals and prevention of cruelty to animals.
         b.   Carry out all duties prescribed or delegated by city administration. (Ord. 99-09, 9-1-1999)