A.   Investigation By City Council: The city council may require an investigation of any existing offensive business or facility to determine whether or not it should be permitted to remain in existence in or within one mile of the city limits. If the city council determines that the continuation of the business or facility has become a nuisance to persons situated within the city limits or that ample control is not being exercised to minimize the creation of excessive odors, fumes, smoke, gases and noise, it shall notify the owner or operator thereof that the city council is considering revoking or modifying the operator's permit.
   B.   Conform To Standards And Specifications: If the city council decides to require a modification of the manner in which the business or facility is to be maintained, it shall specify the standards or specifications to which the enterprise must conform or otherwise lose its permit to engage thereafter in the business or activity. (1982 Code § 10-243; amd. 1998 Code)