A.   Location And Management: The city council shall have the power to prohibit or control the location and management of any offensive, unwholesome business or establishment in or within one mile of the city and may compel the owner of any pigsty, privy, barn, corral, furbearing animal farm, feed yard, poultry farm or other unwholesome or nauseous house or place to cleanse, abate or remove the same.
   B.   Examination Of Operation: The city council may, on its own initiative and shall, on complaint of a member of the public, examine the operation, control or location of any business or facility for the purpose of determining whether or not the operation of such business or facility should be improved so as to minimize the offensive and unwholesome characteristics or whether the business or activity should be moved or abated.
   C.   Notification Of Abatement: In the event that the city council decides that the business or facility should be abated, removed or controlled, it shall notify the owner or operator of the business or facility of such fact. (1982 Code § 10-244)
   D.   Hearing; Limited Permit: After a hearing, the city council may issue a limited permit wherein it may prescribe the specifications and standards which must be followed by the business or facility in order to be permitted to continue in operation. (1982 Code § 10-244; amd. 1998 Code)
   E.   Abatement Or Removal: Upon a determination by the city council that the business or facility is a nuisance, it shall have power to order the abatement or removal of the facility or establishment. If the owner fails to conform to such order, the city council shall have power to bring all necessary legal proceedings to force removal, abatement or adherence to standards. (1982 Code § 10-244)