A.   Report And Recommendation: The city clerk/recorder shall cause a study to be made of the proposed business or relocation of any offensive business or establishment by the Southwestern district health department and by personnel engaged in the inspection of buildings and other facilities. A report and recommendation shall be made to the city council. The city council, after review, may grant to the applicant an opportunity to be heard and present additional facts. Thereafter, the city council may: (1982 Code § 10-242; amd. 1998 Code)
      1.   Deny the application.
      2.   Recommend a modification thereof.
      3.   Grant a limited permit to enter into the business or make the change of location subject to the requirement that the business or facility conform to standards established by the city council with reference to controlling the offensive features of the business.
   B.   Revocation Of Permit: In the event a permit is granted, it shall be subject to revocation either upon failure of the operator or owner to conduct his business in the manner specified by the city council at the time of the granting of the permit, or because a change of circumstances makes the continued operation or maintenance of the business or facility a public nuisance.
   C.   Modification Of Permit: The city council shall have power to revoke or modify the permission to operate and maintain the business in such a manner as it deems necessary for the public good. (1982 Code § 10-242)