Any personal property items removed from the property as a result of abatement by the city shall be transported to a suitable location for temporary storage. Said items shall be inventoried by the city, and a copy of the inventory shall be provided to the owner along with the itemized statement of removal expenses described in section 4-1-3-4 of this chapter and a notice that the owner shall have thirty (30) days from the date the city removed the items to retrieve them, provided he first: a) pays the full cost of the itemized statement including storage costs for the number of days the items were stored by the city at a daily storage rate determined by the city; and b) signs a waiver and consent form stating that if the items are again found to be a nuisance on the owner's property, he shall forfeit all claim of ownership to them. If the items are not retrieved by the owner within thirty (30) days, the city may dispose of them in any manner it sees fit, including sale of the items and retention of the sale proceeds. (Ord. 2001-04, 5-16-2001)