4-1-3-2: HEARING:
   A.   Informal Hearing; Written Decision: At the written request of an owner, occupant or other person having an interest in property which is the subject of a notice to remove or abate weeds, objectionable conditions or objects from the property, the city council shall conduct an informal hearing (which need not be reported), wherein such persons may present such evidence and argument as is pertinent to the question of whether or not the removal or abatement of the objects or conditions is properly within the purview of this chapter. The city council shall also permit the presentation of evidence and argument by the nuisance inspector and other interested parties. Thereafter, within not less than five (5) nor more than ten (10) days, the city council shall render its written decision affirming, modifying or reversing the determination of the nuisance inspector, a copy of which shall be mailed or served upon the owner or any other person to whom the original notice was given by the nuisance inspector.
   B.   Time Period For Compliance: The written decision of the city council shall apprise the owner or occupant of whether the nuisance inspector's original determination has been affirmed, modified or reversed, and, unless reversed, it shall set forth the details and extent to which the owner or occupant must make removal or other abatement of the objectionable objects or conditions, if any. The owner or occupant shall be required to conform to the decision of the city council within ten (10) days after service or mailing of a copy of the decision, and the decision shall be deemed to be the modified decision of the nuisance inspector, unless additional time is authorized by the city council.
   C.   Filing Of Amended Notice: If a hearing before the city council is requested, the nuisance inspector shall file an amended notice or written decision of the city council, as the case may be, in the office of the county treasurer. (Ord. 2001-04, 5-16-2001)