A.   Every act or condition made, permitted, allowed or continued in violation of section 4-1-1-1 of this chapter, is hereby declared to be a nuisance and may be abated and punished as hereinafter provided.
   B.   Nuisances include, but are not limited to:
      1.   Befouling Water: Befouling water in any spring, stream, well or water source supplying water for culinary purposes. (1982 Code § 10-313)
      2.   Privies, Cesspools: Allowing any privy vault or cesspool or other individual wastewater disposal system to become a menace to health or a source of odors or contamination to air or water. (1982 Code § 10-313; amd. 1998 Code)
      3.   Garbage Containers, Offensive: Permitting any garbage container to remain on premises when it has become unclean and offensive.
      4.   Garbage Accumulation: Allowing vegetable waste, garbage, litter, filth or refuse of any nature to accumulate within or upon any private alley, yard or area, except when it is temporarily deposited for immediate removal.
      5.   Manure Accumulation: Permitting the accumulation of manure in any stable, stall, corral, feed yard, yard or in any other building or area in which any animals are kept.
      6.   Slaughterhouses, Feed Yards: Permitting any slaughterhouse, market, meat shop, stable, feed yard or other place or building wherein any animals are slaughtered, kept, fed or sold to remain unclean or in any state or condition detrimental to health or creating a nuisance because of odors, or in which flies or rodents breed. (1982 Code § 10-313)
      7.   Discharging Offensive Water Or Liquid Waste: Discharging or placing any offensive water, chemical spray, liquid waste or refuse of any kind into any street, alley, sidewalk, gutter, stream, wash, natural watercourse, ditch, canal or any vacant lot or which, as the result of continued discharge, will render the place of discharge offensive or likely to become so. (1982 Code § 10-313; amd. 1998 Code)
      8.   Collecting Grease, Offensive Matter: Keeping or collecting any stale or putrid grease or other offensive matter.
      9.   Flies And Mosquitos: Having or permitting upon any premises any fly or mosquito producing condition.
      10.   Public Drinking Vessels: Keeping any drinking vessel for public use without providing a method of decontamination between uses.
      11.   Ablutions Near Drinking Fountain: Permitting or performing any ablutions in or near any public drinking fountain.
      12.   Boarding House Or Factory, Sanitary Condition: Failing to furnish any dwelling house, boarding house or factory or other place of employment with such privy vaults, water closets, sinks or other facilities as may be required to maintain the same in sanitary condition.
      13.   Cleaning Privy Vaults: Neglecting or refusing to discontinue use of, clean out, disinfect and fill up all privy vaults and cesspools or other individual wastewater disposal systems within twenty (20) days after notice from an enforcement officer or official of the city.
      14.   Stagnant Water; Offensive Substances: Permitting any lot or excavation to become the repository of stagnant water or any decaying or offensive substances.
      15.   Obstructing Public Ways, Watercourses, Parks: Obstructing or tending to obstruct or interfere with or render dangerous for passage any street or sidewalks, lake, stream, drainage, canal or basin, or any public park without first obtaining the written permission of the city council. (1982 Code § 10-313)