A.   Term:
      1.   New (First Year) And Renewal Licenses: Except as provided in subsection A2 of this section, the annual license shall date from January 1 of each year and shall expire on December 31 of each year.
      2.   Initial Applications After October 31: A business license granted by the City to an applicant, pursuant to an application for a new business license application submitted after October 31, shall extend and be in force (without additional fee) until December 31 of the year following such application.
      3.   Inspections Made: Notwithstanding the provisions of subsections A1 and A2 of this section, no license shall be granted and validly in force until any and all required inspections have been made, all City administrative approvals have been given, and all licensing and delinquency related fees (including any such unpaid fees from prior years) are paid by the applicant.
   B.   Due And Payable:
      1.   Except as provided in subsection B2 of this section, annual licensing fees shall be due and payable on or before December 31 of the year immediately prior to year for which the business license is applicable and in force; and shall become delinquent if not paid, in full, prior to February 1 of the year in which the business license is applicable and in force.
      2.   Payment for initial business licenses are due and payable at the time of application therefor; and no license shall be issued until such payment is made. There is no grace period for the payment of such fees wherein business may lawfully be transacted.
   C.   Delinquency Fee, And Civil Penalty, And Collection Costs:
      1.   Delinquency Related Fees: Delinquency related fees shall mean and include any fees and costs provided for in this subsection C.
      2.   Late Fees: Any license not renewed and paid for (in full) prior to the date that it becomes delinquent, shall incur a late fee, which shall be established by resolution and which may be changed from time to time. No license may be issued until such fees are paid in full.
      3.   Civil Penalty: Any business for which a license is required and is not otherwise exempt, that transacts business in this City without such license, is subject to the imposition of a civil penalty of fifty dollars ($50.00) (to be assessed in addition to any other fees, and regardless of the application or assessment, by a court, of any criminal penalties which may attach to such conduct).
      4.   Enforcement: The failure to pay fees provided for under this chapter and/or otherwise engaging in business without the required business license further subject(s) the applicant to:
         a.   The assessment and required repayment, by the applicant, of enforcement costs incurred by the City or otherwise attributable to such delinquency and/or illegal conduct, including costs and a reasonable attorney fee.
         b.   A finding that the business no longer qualifies to be treated as an ongoing business for which a renewal license may be secured, thereby requiring, in addition to the payment of any and all outstanding licensing fees and delinquency related fees, that a new business license be applied for, and any and all required inspections made and City administrative approvals given, prior to the time that business may be lawfully transacted. (Ord. 2011-12, 10-19-2011)