State law currently provides an exemption from the licensing fee requirements of this chapter for home-based businesses.
   A.   Such businesses are home occupations permitted under section 10-7-17 of this Code, where the combined offsite impact of the business and the primary residential use of the residential dwelling does not materially exceed the offsite impact of the primary residential use alone.
   B.   To qualify for such an exemption, all of the following must be true with respect to the home occupation:
      1.   The business must be a permitted use, as a home occupation, under the City's zoning law (see section 10-7-17 of this Code).
      2.   There shall be no: a) daily home deliveries or pick-ups of goods and/or materials or b) frequent deliveries or pick-ups by large vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of twelve thousand (12,000) pounds or greater.
      3.   There shall be no multiple client or patron (group) drop-offs, assemblies or performances on-site (dance studios, recitals, etc.) which may result in more than three (3) additional vehicles being parked on-site or within the neighborhood (on the street or otherwise) at any given time.
      4.   There shall be no storage of flammable, toxic, explosive, noxious, or other deleterious chemicals or materials, related to the business, anywhere on the premises.
      5.   The business use:
         a.   Shall be clearly incidental and secondary to the residential use of the dwelling,
         b.   Shall be conducted - and all supplies and business materials stored - within the dwelling (i.e., no outside storage or storage in accessory buildings);
         c.   May not change the character of the dwelling,
         d.   May not exceed twenty five percent (25%) of the total footprint of the dwelling, and
         e.   May not preclude the use of the garage for its intended use under this Code (i.e., to park vehicles).
      6.   All employees of the business must lawfully reside within the dwelling, in accordance with the City's applicable zoning laws and ordinances; and
      7.   There shall be no lawful requirement nor request made for:
         a.   Fire and/or other Code inspections; and/or
         b.   The issuance of a business license (for State, Health Department, financing, or other non-City purposes).
   C.   Provided that, group homes, day care facilities, preschools, dance studios, and short-term rentals shall not qualify for the fee exemption regardless of whether or not they are allowed in the zone as a home occupation. (Ord. 2017-12, 12-6-2017)