A.   Application:
      1.   Form And Required Information: The form for a new annual business license application, or the renewal of an annual business application, or for an extension of a thirty (30) day business license (collectively referred to herein as "business license(s)") shall be furnished by the City and must be fully completed prior to submission to the City Clerk. The required information for a completed application will be identified in the application form. As part of completing the application, an applicant may be required to provide additional documentation to support the application, including but not limited to: (1) proof of a valid and current license or permit issued by the State of Idaho if the business intends to engage in a business activity regulated by the bureaus and boards of the State of Idaho; (2) proof of liability insurance; and (3) proof of ownership or lease of the building and/or real property on which the business is to be conducted. The City Clerk has the authority to require such additional information before submitting the application to the City Council and/or the City Council has the authority to require such additional information during its investigation and consideration of the application for approval.
      2.   Time Of Filing: Applicants for a business license shall submit a completed application for a business license with the City Clerk. The City Clerk shall check the application for completeness and has the authority to reject the application for being incomplete. The City Council has the authority to approve a completed application for a business license. The City Council meets once per month. Therefore, to be considered at a City Council meeting, the completed application must be delivered to the City Clerk at least seven (7) business days prior to the date on which the regular monthly City Council meeting is scheduled. A business shall not engage in or conduct business until a license has been issued.
   B.   Temporary Approval Pending City Council Action:
      1.   Temporary Approval Authority: The Mayor or Council President in the absence of the Mayor, shall have the power and authority to consider and provide temporary approval of completed applications for business licenses, but the temporary approval authority is limited to approving business licenses for contractors, service repair providers and equipment maintenance providers as the Mayor or Council President in the absence of the Mayor deems necessary and appropriate where the applicant has paid the appropriate business license fee. Such approval is temporary only and shall be valid only until the City Council meets to consider and approve or deny the completed application for a business license.  (Ord. 2020-3, 8-13-2020)