A.   Notice: At any time the City Council finds there is a safety hazard to normal pedestrian traffic upon any sidewalk or where there is not a sidewalk for pedestrian traffic, on streets designated for sidewalks by resolution of the City Council, it shall be the duty of the City, or its authorized representative, to notify the owners of premises within the City abutting or adjoining any public street or sidewalk to construct a new sidewalk, or to replace or repair such sidewalk, as necessary.
   B.   Cost: The owner of the abutting or adjoining property to said sidewalk shall have the duty to construct, repair, or replace said sidewalk, at his own cost and expense, upon receiving notification from the City. If the property owner fails to construct, repair, or replace said sidewalk, within the time period allotted to said owner, the City may cause the same to be constructed, repaired or replaced and assess the cost thereof to the property owner in accordance with section 50-1008, Idaho Code.
   C.   Time Limitations: The owner shall, after notice has been given: 1) repair such sidewalk, within thirty (30) days; 2) replace such sidewalk, within sixty (60) days; or 3) construct a new sidewalk, within sixty (60) days in accordance with specifications set forth by the City Council in such notice, or as may be set forth in the current edition, as amended, of the Idaho Standards for Public Works Construction, if adopted by the City Council. Prior to said construction, the owner shall advise the City of the date and time of said construction, and shall further coordinate with the City for the construction of adjoining curb and/or gutter. The City shall be responsible for the cost of the construction of the curb and gutter. However, the City Council shall have the discretion to construct curb and gutter, and/or to determine if curb and gutter are needed, and if determined to not be needed, the City shall have no responsibility to construct the same. (Ord. 2015-8, 11-12-2015)