(A)   All paved roads must meet the state’s Department of Transportation and the town’s specifications as a minimum. In some cases, more stringent specifications may be set if so recommended by the Town Engineer.
   (B)   These specifications are generally:
      (1)   Six inches of compacted aggregate base course;
      (2)   Two inches of compacted bituminous concrete surface course of type 12 hot mix (pavement);
      (3)   Pavement to be a minimum of 16 feet wide for petitioned improvements to dedicated, opened rights-of-way or for dedication of unopened rights-of-way;
      (4)   Pavement to be a minimum of 18 feet wide for any new subdivision or development; and
      (5)   Maximum slope of 16% minimum established road right-of-way of 40 feet.
   (C)   In addition to the road surface itself:
      (1)   Adequate ditching and drainage with erosion prevention and sedimentation control shall be included in all plans submitted for approval; and
      (2)   The removal of encroaching and overhanging trees and vegetation is required.
   (D)   The paver, owner, builder or developer shall guarantee the workmanship against defects for a period of one year from the date of acceptance by the town.
(Ord. passed 5-19-2009)