§ 151.06  ABATEMENT.
   (A)   Whenever the existence of any of the conditions described within this subchapter are noted, the owner of the property shall be notified by registered mail or shall be served written notice by a police officer of the town. The owner shall have ten days from the date of notification to remedy the situation or the town shall cause the condition to be remedied.
   (B)   If an owner, upon whom such notice is served, fails, neglects or refuses to remedy such condition within the time allowed, then the condition shall be remedied under the direction of the Public Works Department of the town. The owner shall be billed for the actual costs by the town in remedying any condition under this subchapter and unless paid with 30 days of the date of billing, the costs shall become a lien upon the property and shall be collected as unpaid taxes.
(Ord. passed 9-15-2009)