(A)   Upon application, a permit may be issued to close a segment of a street for a special event such as a block party.
   (B)   The following rules apply to such an event.
      (1)   The party responsible for the event must apply for a permit at the Town Hall.
      (2)   The permit will be for a specified one-day only with an allowance for a specified rain date.
      (3)   There is no cost for the permit.
      (4)   No through street that would impede traffic flow can be closed.
      (5)   The street cannot remain closed overnight.
      (6)   The party obtaining the permit will be responsible for cleaning up the area. If not policed to the town’s satisfaction, the town may perform the clean-up and bill the permittee.
      (7)   Full and customary access must be allowed for emergency vehicles.
(Ord. passed 9-15-2009)