10.132.220   “U” Definitions.
   Unit. See “Dwelling.”
   Urgent Care Facility. A public or private hospital-based or free-standing facility, that includes x-ray and laboratory equipment and a life support system, licensed or legally operating as an urgent care facility, primarily providing minor emergency and episodic medical care with one or more physicians, nurses, and x-ray technicians in attendance at all times when the facility is open.
   Use (Land Use). The purpose for which land or a structure is, arranged, designed, intended, maintained, or occupied.
   Use, Accessory. See “Accessory Use.”
   Use, Allowed. A use of land identified by Article 2 (Zones, Allowable Uses, and Development and Design Standards) as an allowed or conditional use that may be established with land use permit, subject to compliance with all applicable provisions of Article 2.
   Use, Principal. The principal or predominant use of any lot, building, or structure.
   Use, Nonconforming. See “Nonconforming Use.”
   Utilities. All lines and facilities related to the provision, distribution, collection, transmission, or disposal of water, storm and sanitary sewage, oil, gas, power, information, telecommunication and telephone cable services by public utilities, and includes facilities for the generation of electricity. Does not include “Communications Facilities” or “Wireless Telecommunications Facilities.” (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)