10.132.190   “R” Definitions.
   Recreation and Entertainment. See “Commercial Recreation.”
   Recreational Vehicle (RV). A motor home, travel trailer, truck camper, camping trailer, or boat or other water sport vehicle with motive power designed for recreational purposes at a location other than a personal residence.
   Recycling Facilities. This land use type includes a variety of facilities involved with the collection of recyclable materials. A “certified” recycling or processing facility is certified by the California Department of Conservation as meeting the requirements of the California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act of 1986. Recyclable material includes reusable domestic containers and other materials that can be reconstituted, remanufactured, or reused in an altered form, including glass, metals, paper, and plastic. Recyclable material does not include refuse or hazardous materials. This land use does not include storage containers located on a residentially, commercially, or industrially designated site used solely for the recycling of material generated on the site.
      Collection facility (large). A facility that occupies an area of more than 350 square feet and/or includes permanent structures where the public may donate, redeem, or sell recyclable materials.
      Collection facility (small). A facility that occupies an area of 350 square feet or less where the public may donate, redeem, or sell recyclable materials and may include:
         1.   A mobile unit.
         2.   Bulk reverse vending machines or a grouping of reverse vending machines occupying more than 50 square feet. A bulk reverse vending machine is a reverse vending machine that is larger than 50 square feet, is designed to accept more than one container at a time, and issues a cash refund based on total weight instead of by container.
         3.   Kiosk-type units that may include permanent structures.
      Reverse vending machine. An automated mechanical device which accepts at least one or more types of empty beverage containers and issues a cash refund or a redeemable credit slip with a value not less than the container's redemption value, as determined by State law. These vending machines may accept aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles, and other containers. The vending machines typically occupy an area of less than 50 square feet.
      Processing Facility. A structure or enclosed space used for the collection and processing of recyclable materials. Processing means the preparation of material for efficient shipment, or to an end-user’s specifications, by such means as bailing, briquetting, compacting, flattening, grinding, crushing, mechanical sorting, shredding, cleaning and remanufacturing.
   Religious Assembly. See “Assembly, Religious.”
   Research and Development. Establishments engaged in industrial or scientific research, including product testing. Includes electronic research firms or pharmaceutical research laboratories. Excludes manufacturing, except of prototypes, or medical testing and analysis.
   Restaurants. See “Eating and Drinking Establishments.”
   Retail Sales. Commercial enterprises or establishments, completely enclosed within structures, engaged in selling goods or merchandise to the general public for profit. Examples of these establishments and lines of merchandise include:
      Artists’ supplies;
      Automotive parts and accessories;
      Bakeries (retail only);
      Bicycle sales and rentals;
      Cameras and photographic supplies;
      Carpeting and floor covering;
      Clothing and accessories;
      Convenience market;
      Drug and discount stores;
      Electronic equipment;
      Fabrics and sewing supplies;
      Florists and houseplant stores (indoor sales only);
      Gift shops;
      Grocery store;
      Handcrafted items;
      Hobby materials;
      Kitchen utensils;
      Luggage and leather goods;
      Medical supplies and equipment;
      Musical instruments, parts and accessories;
      Office supplies;
      Orthopedic supplies;
      Paint and wallpaper;
      Religious goods;
      Secondhand clothing sales;
      Shoe stores;
      Small wares;
      Specialty food and beverage;
      Specialty shops;
      Sporting goods and equipment;
      Toys and games;
      Travel services.
   Reverse Vending Machine. See “Recycling Facilities.”
   Review Authority. The person or decision-making body with administrative responsibility for the consideration and action upon any permit or approval pursuant to the requirements of this Zoning Code. (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)