10.132.160   “O” Definitions.
      Accessory. An office facility that is incidental and accessory to another business or sales activity that is the primary use of the structure or site.
      Business Professional, Corporate. An establishment providing direct, “over-the-counter” services to consumers (e.g., insurance agencies, real estate offices, travel agencies, utility company offices, etc.) and office-type facilities occupied by businesses providing professional services and/or engaged in the production of intellectual property. This use does not include “Banks and Financial Services,” which are separately defined.
      Government. An administrative, clerical, or public contact office of a government agency, including postal facilities, together with the incidental storage and maintenance of vehicles.
      Medical and Dental. An office or health facility providing health services including, without limitation, preventative and rehabilitation treatment, diagnostic services, testing and analysis. This use includes offices providing medical, dental, surgical, rehabilitation, podiatral, optometric, chiropractic and psychiatric services, and medical or dental laboratories incidental to these offices, but exclude inpatient services and overnight accommodation.
   Off-Street Loading Facilities. A site or portion of a site devoted to the loading or unloading of motor vehicles or trailers, including loading berths, aisles, access drives, and landscaped areas.
   Off-Street Parking Facilities (Vehicle Parking Area). A site or portion of a site, not including any public right-of-way, devoted to the parking of motor vehicles, including parking spaces, aisles, access drives, and landscaped areas. Does not include “Parking Storage”.
   Open Space, Common. The total land area within a residential development that is not individually owned nor dedicated for public use, and that is designed, intended, and reserved exclusively for the shared use of all the residents of the development and their guests. Examples include barbecue and picnicking areas, play areas, swimming pools, tennis courts, turf areas, and other recreational or leisure features and facilities. Common Open Space does not include enclosed spaces/facilities such as a community center, meeting rooms, etc.
   Open Space, Private. A usable open space adjoining and directly accessible to a dwelling unit, reserved for the exclusive use of residents of the dwelling unit and their guests.
   Open Space, Usable. Outdoor space that serves a recreational function or provides visual relief from the building mass, the minimum dimension of which in any direction is 10 feet, excluding required front yards not used for balconies or patios.
   Outdoor Storage and Display. The storage of any materials outside of a structure other than fencing, either as an accessory or primary use.
   Outpatient Surgery Facility. Outpatient surgery facility, also referred to as ambulatory surgery facility, is a medical facility where surgery is performed that does not require an overnight hospital stay. Patients may go home after being released following surgery and time spent in the recovery room. (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)