10.132.080   “G” Definitions.
   Game Arcade. A commercial establishment with coin-operated entertainment machines, including but not limited to video games, pinball machines, electro-mechanical games, redemption games, and merchandisers (such as claw cranes). Not the same as Cyber/Internet Café.
      Accessory. A commercial establishment with nine or fewer entertainment machines.
      Primary. A commercial establishment with 10 or more entertainment machines.
   Garage and Yard Sales. As defined in Chapter 5.50 (Yard Sales) of the Municipal Code.
   Golf Course. A commercial recreation facility that consists of a series of holes, each consisting of a teeing ground, fairway, rough and other hazards, and a green with a flagstick (pin) and cup, all designed for the game of golf. See also “Commercial Recreation and Entertainment.”
   Government Facilities. A building or structure owned, operated or occupied by governmental agency (e.g., city, county, state, or federal government agencies) to provide a governmental service to the public.
   Grocery Store. A foodstore that sells a general line of food products, such as canned and frozen foods; fresh fruits and vegetables; fresh and prepared meats, fish, and poultry; and nonfood grocery products. Included are supermarkets, superettes and small grocery stores, and convenience stores.
      Small-scale. Grocery store that is 20,000 square feet or less.
      Large-scale. Grocery store that is more than 20,000 square feet.
   Group Home. Any residential care facility licensed by the State of California occupied by six or fewer persons.
   Guidelines. As used in Chapter 10.42 (Prohibition of Medical Marijuana Cooperatives or Collectives), the term shall refer to the “Guidelines For The Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use” issued by the California Attorney General in August 2008, or as such guidelines may be amended from time to time.
   Gun Dealers. See Chapter 5.32 (Gun Dealers). (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)