10.112.030   Processing, Notice, and Hearings.
   A.   Application Filing and Processing.
      1.   If initiated by the filing of an amendment application in compliance with Section 10.112.020., above, the application shall be processed in compliance with Chapter 10.82 (Permit Application Filing and Processing).
      2.   The application shall include the information and materials specified in the Department handout for amendment applications, together with the payment of the required fee in compliance with the Planning Fee Schedule. Additionally, the applicant shall be responsible for all costs related to the CEQA review, in compliance with Section 10.82.050 (Application Fees).
      3.   It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide evidence in support of the findings required by Section 10.112.060 (Findings and Decision), below.
   B.   Review by Director. Following receipt of a completed application, the Director shall investigate the facts necessary for action consistent with the purpose of this Chapter.
      1.   If the Director finds that the application is complete, the Director shall accept it for filing.
      2.   If the Director finds that the application is incomplete, the Director shall promptly notify the applicant and identify the inadequacies of the application.
   C.   Timing of General Plan Amendments. The mandatory elements of the General Plan may be amended up to four times in a single calendar year, as authorized by and subject to the provisions of Government Code Section 65358.
   D.   Public Hearings Required. The Commission and Council shall each conduct one or more public hearings regarding the amendment.
   E.   Notice and Hearing. Notice of the public hearings shall be provided and the hearings shall be conducted in compliance with Chapter 10.116 (Public Notices and Hearings) and as specified in Government Code Sections 65353, 65355, 65854, and 65856. (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)