10.100.020   Applicability.
   Where Article 2 (Zones, Allowable Uses, and Development and Design Standards) or another provision of this Zoning Code requires a Zoning Clearance as a prerequisite to establishing a land use or structure, a Zoning Clearance shall be required at the time of the Director's review of any of the following:
   A.   Initiation of a Land Use. A Zoning Clearance shall be obtained before the initiation or commencement of any use of land not requiring the construction of a structure.
   B.   Change of Use.
      1.   Whenever a use is proposed to be changed from a use for which a Zoning Clearance has been issued, whether or not the new use involves a new lessee, operator, or owner, a new Zoning Clearance shall be obtained.
      2.   A Zoning Clearance shall also be required even if the lessee, operator, or owner of the previous use did not file for or receive a Zoning Clearance.
   C.   Change of Tenancy or Ownership. A new Zoning Clearance shall be obtained for a change of lessee, operator, or owner even when the change does not involve a change in the use being conducted on the subject property. The purpose of this provision is to ensure that the new lessee, operator, or owner is made aware of the Zoning Code requirements applicable to the subject use and any conditions of approval imposed on a discretionary permit authorizing the subject use.
   D.   Building Permit, Grading Permit, or Other Construction Permit. A Zoning Clearance shall be obtained before the City issues a new or modified Building Permit, Grading Permit, or other construction-related permit required for the alteration, construction, modification, moving, or reconstruction of any structure. (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)