10.50.040   Animal and Poultry Keeping.
   A.   Purpose and Applicability. This Section provides locational and operational standards for animal and poultry keeping operations. The provisions in this Section shall apply to animal and poultry keeping operations where allowed in compliance with Article 2 (Zones, Allowable Uses, and Development and Design Standards) and the following standards. Additionally, all animal and poultry keeping shall be in compliance with Municipal Code Chapter 3.36 (Animal Control Ordinance).
   B.   City Standards.
      1.   Animals Prohibited in City. No person shall keep, maintain or cause to be kept or maintained any of the following, on any premises, within the City:
         a.   Burros, jacks, or jennies.
         b.   Cattle or calves.
         c.   Dangerous or poisonous reptiles, as determined by the Director, except when located in hospitals or educational institutions.
         d.   Emus, llamas, or ostriches.
         e.   Goats or sheep.
         f.   Lions, tigers, or similar animals ordinarily considered to be wild and dangerous.
         g.   Oxen.
         h.   Swine, except any pygmy pig that was kept or maintained as a pet on a developed parcel in a residential zone as of December 31, 1997; provided, the pygmy pig at all times has a valid Animal License issued by the County of Los Angeles and that proof from a licensed veterinarian has been provided to the Department that the pygmy pig has been spayed or neutered.
         i.   None of the animals referred to above, shall be considered to be a “household pet,” as that term is defined in Article 9 (Definitions), regardless of whether the animal is usually or ordinarily kept within a dwelling.
      2.   Noisy Animals Prohibited. No person shall keep or maintain upon any premises in any zone in the City, any crowing rooster, guinea fowl, peacock, or any other fowl or animal which by any sound or cry shall disturb the peace and quiet of any neighborhood in violation of the regulations specified in Municipal Code Chapter 4.34 (Noise Regulations).
      3.   Keeping of Dogs and Cats Restricted. No person occupying a dwelling unit shall keep or maintain more than up to three dogs and up to three cats for a maximum total of six animals, over four months of age, within the residential zones of the City. The dogs and/or cats shall be kept for the personal use and enjoyment of the occupants of the dwelling only. The commercial breeding of dogs and cats is prohibited.
      4.   Keeping of Poultry, Rabbits, and other Small Animals Restricted. The following standards shall apply to poultry, rabbits, and other small animals (as defined in Article 9 [Definitions]) within the City.
         a.   No person shall keep or maintain more than one poultry, rabbit, and/or small animal for each 1,000 square feet of parcel area, not to exceed a combined total of 20 poultry, rabbits, and/or small animals located on a residential site.
         b.   Poultry or small animals under three months of age and not exceeding 25 in number shall not be counted in computing the number of poultry or small animals on the subject premises.
         c.   The private keeping of poultry, rabbits, and small animals are not allowed on nonresidential sites.
         d.   This Subparagraph shall not be interpreted to limit or prohibit homing pigeons. Government Code Section 65852.6 states that it is the policy of the State to permit breeding and the maintaining of homing pigeons consistent with the preservation of public health and safety. For purposes of this Subparagraph, a “homing pigeon,”sometimes referred to as a racing pigeon, is a bird of the order Columbae. It does not fall in the category of “fowl or poultry” which includes chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and other domesticated birds other than homing pigeons.
      5.   Keeping of Horses Restricted.
         a.   No horse or pony shall be kept or maintained on any residentially or commercially zoned property having an area of less than one-half acre.
         b.   Horses and ponies may be kept at a ratio of one horse or pony for each one-half acre of parcel area, with the maximum number limited to three.
         c.   The horses and ponies shall be kept for the personal use and enjoyment of the occupants of the premises only.
         d.   No horse breeding shall be allowed on the subject property.
      6.   Compliance with Health Regulations.
         a.   The keeping of domestic animals or poultry provided for in this Section, except household pets, shall conform to all provisions of the City’s health ordinances governing the keeping of animals and poultry.
         b.   No animal, poultry, or any barn, coop, corral, grazing area, pen, or stable shall be maintained within:
            (1)   50 feet of any residence, dwelling, or structure used for human habitation;
            (2)   50 feet of any public street;
            (3)   30 feet of any portion of an adjoining residential zoned property, except where the residential properties are parcels containing one-half acre or more; or
            (4)   300 feet of any hospital, place of assembly, public park or school.
         c.   All premises upon which animals or poultry are kept and all corrals, enclosures, pens, structures, and yards shall be kept in a clean, orderly, and sanitary condition so that they will not cause foul odors, breeding of flies, or any way become a public nuisance.
         d.   All applicable Los Angeles County rules and regulations related to the keeping of animals shall be complied with. (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)