10.34.220   Emergency Abatement of Signs.
   A.   When the Director determines a sign constitutes an imminent danger to the public safety, the Director may take appropriate action to abate the danger.
   B.   If any sign is removed to abate such a threat to the public safety, the Director shall notify the owner of such sign, in writing, stating the location where the sign is being held and that it will be destroyed if not claimed by the owner within 30 days after the date of such notice. The sign will be returned to the owner only upon payment of the cost of such emergency abatement. If the sign is not claimed within 30 days after the receipt of the notice, or within 10 days upon conclusion of a hearing requested by the owner as provided for in paragraph C of this section, the City may otherwise dispose of the sign.
   C.   The cost of such emergency abatement shall be charged against the owner of the sign and may be recovered by the City by an appropriate legal action or by assessment against the property. The person assessed shall be granted a hearing before the Planning Commission to contest the amount or propriety of the charge if such person requests a hearing within 30 days of notice from the City.
   D.   For the purposes of this section, a sign shall be presumed to be property of the person who owns the premises upon which the sign is located. (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)