10.34.160   Signs Utilizing Non-Roman Alphabet.
   A.   Public Safety Necessity. The City recognizes the importance of signs for advertising business locations and services. An equally important function of signs is identifying businesses and locations clearly in a manner to emergency services and response personnel that allows them to provide a high degree of public safety protection. In recognition of this latter important function of signs, the City establishes the standards set forth in this Section.
   B.   Requirement for Supplementary English Language Characters. Every sign larger than four square feet of surface area erected in connection with any business within the City of La Puente which utilizes any non-Latin/Roman letters, symbols, or characters in 50 percent or more of its advertising message and in lettering readable from the nearest public street, shall be considered to be a non-English language sign. Each non-English language sign shall contain, at a minimum, a generic description written in English of the nature of such business, legible from the nearest public street. (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)