10.34.150   Temporary Signs.
   A.   Temporary Signs - General. The temporary signs identified in subsection C, below, are permitted in all non-residential zones subject to the requirements stated in subsection C. All temporary signs, with the exception of temporary window signs, shall require the issuance of a temporary sign permit by the Director in accordance with procedures established by the Director and in accordance with subsection B, below.
   B.   Permit Approval Required.
      1.   Prior to the erection or use of any temporary sign as set forth in this Section, a temporary sign permit shall be obtained from the Director. If the application is submitted after the temporary signs have been erected, the fee charged shall be 150 percent of the permit fee.
      2.   A permit for a temporary sign shall not be issued for the same business or permittee more than six times in any one calendar year.
      3.   The applicant shall submit a detailed site plan and/or elevation indicating the proposed location of such temporary signs. The display of temporary signs shall not obstruct the visibility of the businesses or authorized signs on the site, nor shall the temporary sign obstruct the temporary signs of other businesses on the same site.
   C.   Permitted Temporary Signs.
      1.   Banners and Pennants.
         a.   One banner is permitted for each tenant space, except that corner tenant spaces or freestanding single-occupant structures may maintain a maximum of two banners, which shall be displayed on separate sides of the building at any one time. Pennants may be substituted for banners.
         b.   Individual banners shall be limited in size to a maximum of 50 square feet.
         c.   A banner shall be attached to, and parallel with, a wall of the structure to which it is related, except where there are no structures involved, such as temporary outdoor events, carnivals, or outdoor promotional sales. In no case shall banners be suspended between separate structures.
         d.   No one business shall be allowed to display a banner or banners for more than 90 days per calendar year.
         e.   A business may erect a temporary sign consisting of a banner on a commercial or industrial property where a new business is opening or has opened at that property where the sign is displayed. Such sign shall not exceed a total sign area of 50 square feet and shall be securely affixed to the structure in which the business being advertised is located. Such sign shall not be displayed for more than any one 90-day period.
         f.   Notwithstanding the above, banners are permitted on freestanding light poles within commercial centers that are 10 acres or more in area, with the banners limited to providing identity of the center or to promote special events, community events, or holidays.
      2.   Balloon Displays.
         a.   Balloon displays are limited to air or helium-filled balloons that are individually not larger than three and one-half cubic feet in volume. Such balloons shall not extend beyond 10 feet from the point of attachment and shall not interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
         b.   No more than one balloon for each lineal foot of street frontage is allowed.
         c.   No one business shall be allowed to maintain a balloon for more than 90 days per calendar year.
      3.   Temporary Window Signs. Temporary window signs shall not exceed 25 percent of the window area of the window in which they are placed and for the purposes of public safety, shall not be placed or extend higher than five feet above the grade adjacent to the window on which such sign is located.
      4.   Hand-Held Sign.
         a.   Commercial hand-held signs shall not be displayed within any public right-of-way.
         b.   Commercial hand-held signs on private property are allowed where a business is holding a promotion or sales event and where all required business licenses and/or permits have been issued.
         c.   Off-site hand-held signs are prohibited.
      5.   Other Temporary Signs. Other temporary signs that are not prohibited may be allowed with approval of a Temporary Sign Permit, subject to review by the Director and in accordance with criteria established by the Director. Such temporary signs shall not occupy required parking spaces, impede required pedestrian travel, or impede required vehicular access to and from the property or within the property. (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)