10.34.140   Master Sign Programs.
   A.   Purpose and Intent. Master Sign Programs are intended to provide for uniformity and design consistency within commercial or industrial developments. A Master Sign Program may include standards, criteria, and guidelines that are more restrictive than the requirements of this Chapter. As an incentive to creating signage that is well designed, attractive, appropriately proportioned, and architecturally compatible with the buildings on the site on which the signs are to be located, an approved Master Sign Program may allow for more flexibility with regard to sign area, number, or height of signs than what is otherwise permitted under this Chapter.
   B.   Applicability of Master Sign Program to New Developments. A Master Sign Program is required for multiple-tenant developments with four or more tenants.
   C.   Applicability of Master Sign Program to Existing Developments. Any existing single-tenant development located in a commercial or industrial zone which is converted for occupancy by four or more tenants sharing the same building or parking facilities is considered a new development project for the purposes of this section. No new or additional signs, other than temporary signs, shall be installed prior to the approval of a Master Sign Program.
   D.   Application; Approval by Director Required.
      1.   An application for a Master Sign Program shall be filed on forms provided by the Director and fees paid pursuant to a fee schedule adopted by Council resolution. The Director may act to approve, approve with conditions, or deny a Master Sign Program application.
      2.   If the applicant, pursuant to subparagraph A above, requests modifications to the sign standards contained in this Chapter 10.34, the application shall clearly state and illustrate the justification for such modification. In granting an approval for a Master Sign Program with modifications to the sign standards, the Director, or the Commission or Council on appeal, shall be required to make the following findings:
         a.   That the Master Sign Program complies with all applicable provisions of the General Plan and the purposes of this Chapter 10.34;
         b.   That the Master Sign Program provides for well-designed, attractive, and appropriately proportioned signage that is architecturally compatible with the buildings on the site; and
         c.   That signage erected and maintained pursuant to the Master Sign Program will not adversely affect adjacent properties and uses with regard to size, placement, or illumination. (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)