10.34.110   Open Space Zone - Number of Allowed Signs and Allowable Sign Area.
   The following sign regulations apply to the O zone.
   A.   Street-oriented freestanding signs designed and intended to be visible and read by motorists on a major or secondary highway, as defined by the Circulation and Infrastructure Element of the La Puente General Plan, are allowed on properties with a minimum frontage of 500 feet on such highway.
   B.   The freestanding sign shall be no greater than 250 square feet in area and 25 feet in height.
   C.   The freestanding sign shall be located at a distance from the public right-of-way that is not less than five feet. In addition, the sign shall not be less than five feet from any adjacent property, except if such adjacent property is in a residential zone, the minimum setback shall be 15 feet. (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)