10.34.090   Prohibited Signs.
   A.   General. Signs that are not specifically permitted by this Chapter are prohibited.
   B.   Electronic Signs. No sign shall have blinking or flashing lights, nor lighting that changes periodically or gives the appearance or impression of movement, nor a composition partially or wholly comprised of electronic or other lights, nor contain moving parts or give the impression of movement, except the following:
      1.   Permitted electronic readerboards displaying noncommercial messages;
      2.   Barber pole signs;
      3.   Electronic Display Billboard permitted pursuant to Section 10.34.170 (Electronic Display Billboards).
   On-premises electronic signs with changeable commercial messages are specifically prohibited.
   C.   Signs with Exposed Lighting. Signs with exposed bulbs or tubing are prohibited, except neon or similar gas signs.
   D.   Vehicle-mounted Signs. Vehicle-mounted signs which have the sole purpose of on-site or off-site advertising which are not part of the operations of the business being advertised (e.g. company car, work truck, and delivery vehicles) are prohibited, except for the following:
      1.   Automobile, truck, or equipment dealerships or rental agencies, and where such sign only displays information associated with such dealership or agency; and
      2.   Where the sign is permanently or magnetically attached or painted on the vehicle and not attached or painted in a manner to render the vehicle or a door, window, hood, trunk, or tailgate of that vehicle immovable, unsafe, unusable, or in violation of the California Vehicle Code.
   E.   Cabinet Signs. Upon the effective date of the ordinance establishing this section, no new cabinet signs shall be permitted.
   F.   Other Prohibited Signs.
      1.   Signs dispensing or emitting bubbles, smoke, steam, or free-floating particles of matter.
      2.   Noise-emitting devices, flares, twirlers, propellers and similar devices that attract attention by loud noises, bright lights, or movement.
      3.   Lasers, search lights, spotlights or other light sources that project light into the sky, onto adjacent properties or rights-of-way are prohibited. Light sources that project light into the sky may be permitted in conjunction with an approved temporary use permit.
      4.   Inflatable devices and signs, with or without a commercial message, except for seasonal or holiday decorations on residentially zoned properties.
      5.   Statues used for advertising.
      6.   “A-frame” signs and portable signs.
      7.   Any permanent sign located on any roof.
      8.   Paper signs, posters, or other signs of similar construction located on the exterior of any structure.
      9.   Light bulb string lights used as advertising, except Tivoli or holiday lights. (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)